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Discuss Fluke T6-1000 question in the Electrical Tools and Products area at

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  1. Wes1000

    Wes1000 Regular EF Member

    Hoping someone cleverer than me can shed some light on how this works.

    Basically I’ve just bought the new Fluke T6-1000 with the contact free voltage measurement and have been playing with it as you do.

    I’ve tried it at work and when put around the line to the consumer unit it measures 260V when grounded with the thumb pad on the back or the probe. As soon as I remove the grounding the reading jumps to 440v.

    Now taking in to account the measurements probably aren’t accurate, how does this get a phase to phase voltage when there is only a single phase coming in to the site.

    Please enlighten me.
  2. PEG

    PEG Forum Mentor

    Hi,the reading without the thumb grounding,is not either accurate or phase to phase. The value is just coincidentally similar to that.

    I have not played with that version,but i would not put my life on the line,of an open jaw voltage instrument.Current,frequency...but would feel i needed to double check any voltage the real way :)

    Just had a quick read of the spec,and it states that the open jaw voltage measurement may require a test lead to ground :rolleyes:

    To be honest,if it is only telling you a voltage exists,of an indeterminate value,i feel it is only a small step up,from a volt-finder,of a better standard,such as the Megger DCM330.

    It looks a snazzy yoke...and i would still have one to play with...even if i am only adding it to my pile of instruments,you can see from space :p
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    Last edited: Jul 10, 2018
  3. Andy78

    Andy78 Forum Mentor

    Kingston upon Hull
    I have heard reports of the non contact voltage value function on this being a bit of an innacurate gimmick.
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  4. static zap

    static zap Regular EF Member

    west midlands
    Will be interesting if its just fussy about how it's held ,
    as it may need to sniff out other phases from separate places !
    ... Hold me tighter "I'm Expensive" ...
  5. Wes1000

    Wes1000 Regular EF Member

    Have to agree with the comments. Testing with the probes provides a different reading to the contact free test and is more in line with my MFT.
    Tested it on the incoming line at home and without the ground it gives a reading of 50-60v figure that out?!

    Another waste of £160
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  6. PEG

    PEG Forum Mentor

    Don't be so hard on yourself,it looks like a useful yoke. Just because something CAN do a task,does not mean it has to be used for that purpose.

    I always make a point,of running through all the variables,of an instruments capabilities,just to familiarise myself with the item,but sometimes can never find a situation in the real world,where using some/most of them,would be beneficial.

    An old hand in this job,once told me this gem,on seeing me using a small Robin amp clamp meter,to check a DC current... he said it was like "...telling me what the cake you just made tasted like...without eating any..."

    Bit harsh on technology,but one man's slant,anywho ;)
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