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  1. Kevin S.

    Kevin S. New EF Member

    Does anyone have any views or recommendations on flush fit consumer units that don't look hideous?

    From what I've seen of pictures online the Hager and MK are both hardly flush in my mind as it looks like they stick out an inch or so.

    I've been trying to find some pictures of the Wylex metal clad CU with their flush lid fitted but they don't seem to publsih any pictures.

    Any thoughts on which looks best and if anyone has any pics that would be great.

    Kevin S.
  2. One_of_them

    One_of_them Regular EF Member

    I've seen a crabtree starbreaker one but having looked on line I cant seem to find it :(

    dont look to bad either

    sorry cant help with a link or pic though
  3. jase

    jase Electrician's Arms

    have a look on tlc-direct, they do a range of contactum consumer units which you can buy lids for to convert them to flush units
  4. boberty

    boberty Regular EF Member

    Looked for a hager board for a cusomer last year. They started at £180 before any fuses or rcbos were fitted. So ended up fitting surface board as customer nearly passed out when i told them price for flush one. Do remember toolstation do wylex or mk flush boards but the prices escape me.
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