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  1. darkwood

    darkwood It's all about Gmes Staff Member Electrician's Arms

    West Yorkshire
    Not the ferrules with a plastic guide on them, non-insulated ferrules, like a bootlace without the plastic skirt, a lot of products now that come with plug tops that are not molded do use these crimps, the fact that screw terminals will by their nature push apart and splay the fine-wire even when they are twisted usually ending up with a poor termination is enough for me to say it should be done... look at post 40 by Ian - first pic and look how the manufacturers termination has splayed the cores and pushed them up the sides of the screw where they will be not clamped properly and often damaged by the sharp edges of the thread, the space at the side of the thread is clear in the pics and I cannot believe that the majority of manufacturers now crimp in this situation just because they want to as it adds time and money to make the product... I know that pendants are covered by the BS67 (1987) and this references many other regulations but as it's not the cheapest thing to buy it is hard to find any specific info, I believe it is like our regs in that there will be so many areas of compliance that these small things can be lost in the paperwork meaning some manufacturers may be in non-compliance, noted the two brands shown above are budget brands, they indeed may not be breaching any regulations at the end of the day but if is shown that the terminations at factory are not clamping the fine-wire correctly then it should be the case you do not need a regulation to alter how you terminate the product.
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  2. PEG

    PEG Trusted Advisor

    Lovin''s been a while since there has been an intense debate, over the minutiae of the trade :)
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  3. Wilko

    Wilko Electrician's Arms

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    Since I've started to use ferrules more, I see more of them in use. I must've been ferrule blind o_O
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  4. PEG

    PEG Trusted Advisor

    The 10mm ferrules,are ideal for finishing my nieces plaits and pony-tails off,when she stays,as she kept coming back from school,with her bobbles missing...

    Strange,but they seem shorter,every time she visits...
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