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  1. kevin lewis

    kevin lewis Guest

    I fitted an Analogue timer, mechanical type, to a similar boiler 2 months ago. it cost £28 plus vat. Another boiler, same timer fault. New price is £90 plus vat. it seems that the timer was an accessory but is now a spare part so Hepworth have tripled the price.
    The new part number is 2000800089. I don't know who makes this new one but the old one was made by Grasslin in Germany and the Grasslin part number is RM/1QTUH 0420. I've come across their timers before in numerous appliances so I contacted them to see if there was any way of obtaining the correct part. They explained that the timer was made specifically for Hepworth/ Glowworm and that they were unable to supply to anyone else.
    This boiler is fitted into a fully tiled bathroom and running a new control cable to a remote timer would be troublesome.Customer is willing to buy a second hand timer if anyone has one.
  2. JohnBoyZ

    JohnBoyZ Regular EF Member

    I would think that one of the off-the-shelf Grasslin timers would do, a quick look and RS do this 24hour one at just under 40 quid and a bit of shopping around should find something even cheaper:-

    Buy Plug-In Time Switches FM/1 QRTUZH 24 hr mechanical timeswitch Grasslin FM/1 QRTUZH online from RS for next day delivery.

    You can check the specification sheet for size, voltage etc:-

    I would think the only thing the official replacement might have would be the cable and PCB connector already attached but you could simply reuse the one off the old timer on the replacement.

    EDIT: You would need to check the voltage to the existing timer motor, some Grasslin ones are 240v but others are low voltage. The Q in the part number probably indicates Quartz so could be 1.5v quartz mechanism.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2012
  3. JohnBoyZ

    JohnBoyZ Regular EF Member

    Last edited: Feb 22, 2012
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