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  1. tonycoysh

    tonycoysh Guest

    Just after some thoughts really: I want to replace the halogen GU10's in our kitchen downlighters with some LED lamps, I've been waiting for the halogen lamps to start popping and the 1st one popped tonight) I was after some thoughts and opinions from guys using them all the time as to what is the best brand / type.

  2. monkeyhanger

    monkeyhanger Regular EF Member

    North East
    I've used quite a lot of kosnic 5W warm whites, they seem to be an ideal replacement.
    I have had one problem though, where two way or intermediate switching with long cable runs is in place the LED lamps have flashed before (as people sometimes get when using low energy CFLs in landing lights where the lighting circuit has no earth). I was advised by my wholesaler to use a danlers 'resload' unit to overcome this problem, which did the job.

    ACEELEC Guest

    TP24 sell a nice 2.5w or 3w GU10 replacement. We get ours from Neweys (norwich). They cost around the £6.00 mark so If you are selling them at £10.00 per unit the customer makes his money back against a 50W one after 1600 hrs. They have 2 year exchange warranty and give a fairly nice (not too blue rendering colour of warmish white). We stick them in utilitys and walkways / corridors / halls, etc
    They are also selling for this month General electric 5W Led GU10's on offer at £9.99 at moment
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