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Discuss Headlight issue on Toyota Camry in the Auto Electrician Forum area at

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  1. Corbin Olson

    Corbin Olson New EF Member

    South dakota
    i have a 2012 Toyota Camry that was involved in a front end collision. When I got it the headlights worked fine, and the only thing I can think I may have done was at one time I removed a few ground wires, but they have been replaced now.
    Now, the headlights are stuck on no matter what as long as the battery is connected. Removing the headlight fuses does not shut them off, nor does removing the headlamp relay.
    Any ideas of anything to check would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks for reading
  2. Michael Sands

    Michael Sands Regular EF Member

    Don’t think this is the correct forum for auto electrics
    But it seems that the positive feed to lamps have been wrongly spliced with a permenant live or has been damaged and has a short between live feed to lamps and permanent live if you repaired wiring yourself double check wiring loom around collision area if a garage repaired it then get them to sort it
    Remember if you make a mess of it you could burn out all your wiring and set car on fire when I was younger I worked as an auto electrician for a while and have seen my fair share of burnt out wiring looms with customers fitting spotlights to front of car without going through a relay
  3. PEG

    PEG Respected Member

    Hi,if the fuse and relay are the correct items,it should not be hard to trace the issue. Has it got daytime running lights,alarm indication or additional lighting?
    If you have stripped out the front end,you may have reconnected the wrong set of multi-plugs...try pulling all the other fusing/relays,as if they go out,the item pulled,will give a clue where the power is sourced.
    The above is straight forward enough,unless you believe Mr.Trump to possess his own hair,in which case...get assistance...;)
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