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  1. Daniel Nolan

    Daniel Nolan Guest

    Hello everyone!

    My name's Danny. I am currently an Avionics Technician, but because of all the recent cuts my jobs currently on the line :sad_smile:

    I've been training as an Electrician as a fall back in case I find myself out of a job. I'm changing trades slightly because ulitmately I want to become a Firefighter (as this has always been my dream job :blush5: ) but having failed to get in full-time 13 times so far I'm taking a realistic approach to my career and want to adapt my trade skills, try a new challenge (I've found that aircraft work isn't particularly rewarding), gain experience, and then look at the possiblity of becoming a part-time Firefighter in my own time. Having said that I don't want anyone to think I'm trying to get into the electrical trade for the wrong reasons - I will give 100% in whatever job I do even if it's stacking shelves in tesco!! I've always been fasinated in how things work and that's why I would like to continue working with electrical systems.

    So far I've passed a Domestic Electrical Installation course and the 17th Edition Wiring Regs as well as the ECS Health and Safety Exam. I also took the 2391 Inspection and Testing exam and found out today that I passed the practical but failed the theory by 2% :sad3:

    I've come on here for some advice on several things really. Firstly I have been asked by a friend about a problem and I want to make sure I've worked out a solution properly (I will be posting that elsewhere) but also about job options, the 2391 exam, other qualifications worthwhile gaining and I was curious if there any Retained Firefighters who are Electricians in their normal job?

    Thanks for your time reading my drivel!

  2. Dan

    Dan I'm not a sparky but I know a couple ;-) Staff Member Admin

  3. Guest123

    Guest123 Guest

    Welcome along.:disguise:
  4. CRAGS

    CRAGS Regular EF Member

    hi and welcome
  5. Sintra

    Sintra The Innkeeper Staff Member Admin

    Hi & welcome.:)
  6. MarkieSparkie

    MarkieSparkie Guest

    Hi, welcome to the forum.
  7. Dan the spark

    Dan the spark Electrician's Arms

    Woodley, reading
    Hi Daniel, welcome along
  8. Paul.M

    Paul.M Electrician's Arms

    Lost in Space
    Welcome Danny.
  9. HandySparks

    HandySparks Forum Mentor

    Business Name:
    Neish Electrical Services
    Welcome. I expect that you've found that a technical background helps with the electrical courses. Bad news about the 2391; it's worth having (or, as the C&G quals are changing, whatever the latest equivalent is).

    What part of the country are you?
  10. RWJ

    RWJ 8,400+ day wonder Electrician's Arms

    East Anglia

    :welcome: to the forum
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