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  1. Maria Shaw

    Maria Shaw New EF Member

    Hi please can you help me. My boilers thermostat wireless controller led has become unreadable so I brought a salus rt500rf to replace my honeywall BDR91. However I am lost which wires go where.
    Do I need one wire as shown in the picture.
    Thanks in advance




  2. streamer

    streamer Regular EF Member

    Scottish Borders
    Hi Maria.
    First of all are you confident you are able to safely isolate the supply?
    It's quite difficult to make out the wiring diagrams from the photos but I would suggest the following.
    Remove the link between L and Lin.
    Connect brown to L and blue to N on the bottom of the new stat. Connect grey to Lin and black to SL(on).
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  3. streamer

    streamer Regular EF Member

    Scottish Borders
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