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  1. Simmy2009

    Simmy2009 EF Member

    Hi Guys, not sure if this is the right place or not as it is a combination of systems.

    I am looking for some guidance to best equipment and how it should be installed as well.

    i am away to try create a Local Network for my house.

    Hard wire in my desk top computers in my Office room with 3 CAT5e cables back to a central point.
    Each bedroom to have a Hard wired CAT5e Cable and socket outlet back to the central point for laptops/desktop access.
    Each bedroom to have a CAT5e cable to there TV's as well.
    Also CAT5e to the living room TV.

    All Cable back to the central point where i want to install my Main BT Master Point for best Signal for the Broadband.

    With this i want to have a bank of Hard drives that can be accessed by any computer so like a mini server so everyone can access there Photo's, Music and other files stored easily with one for my business password protected only for my access. What would you recommend for being able to complete this.

    With this i would like to be able to access the Music from the Hard drives to then be streamed hard wired through a audio system. Which is the next question.

    I want to install roof mounted flush speakers in each room maybe two in the bedrooms, one in each bathroom and have 4 in the living room connected up to the TV system as well as being able to play music through them.

    These would all be hard wired back to the central point which is a cupboard in the middle of the house. the main reason for this is its a old house with very thick walls that doesn't transmit wireless signals very well.

    What would you all suggest that could be used for all, hard drives, network and the sound systems. We have sonos but it doesn't play well due to the poor wireless connection so maybe need to look at some thing better with putting the time into hard wiring the system.

    Hopefully some one can help.

  2. amlu

    amlu Trusted Advisor

    wild east london
    for network attached drivers you get a NAS (network attached storage) unit. there is quite a lot too choose, mostly depending on the budget...have some reading material:
    The 10 Best Network-Attached Storage (NAS) Devices of 2016; Iomega StorCenter PX2-300D

    You will need a network switch of some sort, preferably rack-mounted, can be second hand from ebay they are quite reliable.

    Music.... Sonos? (was getting some good reviews in here)
  3. butchtaylor909

    butchtaylor909 EF Member

    Business Name:
    DT Electrics
    i had a similar issue with my broadband. The provider would only put the box where the cable entered the house. But with thick walls i would often not get a wifi signal in many parts.
    What i had done is to have a Cat6 cable from the modem (or router set to modem only mode) run to a little box cupboard under the stairs (center of the house) to a wifi router that has my NAS drives and covers center of the house then off the router i have;
    1. & 2. my PC and printer in my mancave/study,
    3. hive home hub
    4. 5 way switch with the following;

    i. a run of cable upstairs to a 5 way switch which feeds each of the bedrooms with a single data socket (easy to change to a double if needed) and a wifi AP to cover the upper back off the house. and a double data socket in master bedroom with a wifi AP to cover upper front.
    ii. a run of cable to the living room with a 5 way switch which feeds TV/TIVO/PS4/ XboxOne and another Wireless AP to cover the lower front of the house.
    iii. a run of cable to the garage with a single data socket and Wifi AP to cover garden and lower back of house.
    iv. spare for expansions.
    v. spare for expansions.

    This gives a complete WIFI coverage and as all SSIDs are the same, with the same password, you pick up one before you know you lost the last. need to be careful with the Static IPs and DHCP settings.

    This has been in place now for about 3 years and some of the hardware is due to be changed when i get round to it, but i put Cat 6 throughout.
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  4. Murdoch

    Murdoch Electrician's Arms

    You need to total up all the points you are planning..... Not sure why you think you need 3 cables to your office though. One cable and a small switch will do, and you can do the same by the tv.

    I've recently connected all my points up, the 16 port switch is upstairs, one cable to the router, one port for my cloud backup, about 12 ports around the house...... So I've got 2 spare.....
  5. SWD

    SWD Gender neutral Electrician's Arms

    Synology Raided drive say 4 HD's start at the top of the house and cascade down, network points in the rooms will be used when you do a lot of data transfer otherwise it will be wireless.

    In my office/den I have my Mac Mini and Network printer running off independent NW ports oh and the Dell PC as well, I just prefer it that way with a switch there may be issues with buffering.

    For Wireless in a large house look at Ubiquiti repeaters and if you ever go the CCTV route then POE Switches.

    I know a development guy at Netgear and he has said some of there new stuff is impressive for house wide WiFi and Camera setups so that may be an option.

    Music wise nowadays most people pay £10 pcm to Spotify an stream music unless you are in to African Virgin Tusk Music with an Oceanic and Antarctic Beat.

    Sonos stuff is wireless so it doesn't need a hard wired connection apart from a mains socket. I'd post a photo of my setup but its a tad embarrassing but if you are having issues then log a request with Sonos as in my old Victorian House I had issues and they sent me a Sonos Boost as Sonos latches on to your wireless but creates its own wireless umbrella.

    For the TV room and maybe projector factor in for the install TV's smart, DVD Player PS or Xbox as well as the KODI box all adds up it was the same as years back two sockets per room one light one light switch times change.

    Work out where you want the stuff and install in a designated area a patch panel and use fly leads from the managed switch, 300mts of CAT6 cable isn't that much.

    Ramblings over, I hope you understand it ;o)))
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