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  1. electricshock

    electricshock Regular EF Member

    2 meters.

    first meter has 3x 3phase circuits and 10 single phase circuits.

    second meter has 2 3phase boards, one board has 3x 3phase circuits ans the other has 5x 3phase circuits.
  2. Amp David

    Amp David Forum Mentor

    Don't touch anything industrial myself, but i'd base any estimate on a day rate. I would only offer an estimate not quote, too much to crop up and hold you back
  3. TaffyDuck

    TaffyDuck Electrician's Arms

    about £500
  4. Mark_Burgess

    Mark_Burgess Electrician's Arms

    Depends....Would you have full access and control?
    Like turning the power off, would you have to work out of hours?

    I am half way through a big inspection, some of it needs to be done in evenings and sundays.
  5. ian.settle1

    ian.settle1 Forum Mentor


    What do you mean 2 meters?

    Is it one building with two meters or two buildings?

    Is the building occupied or not?

    Do you have to do the work outside normal hours?

    Your a bit vague with your question personally.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2012
  6. BlueToBits

    BlueToBits Electrician's Arms

    North West
    Depends on the specification. How much does a blue car cost if it has 3 dashboard switches, a stereo that lights up green and enough boot space to install a log burner?
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  7. telectrix

    telectrix Scouser and Proud of It Respected Member

    Top Poster Of Month

    Business Name:
    15% more than the red one.
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