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Discuss How the customer view the Government. in the Solar PV Forum area at

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  1. Earthstore

    Earthstore Guest

    This is a text message from one of my customers who had an install in December after the 12th.
    He is a professional person who works in a regulated industry.

    "Hi, yes very disappointed with the government, the arrogance of this particular department that they think they know the law better that 4 High Court judges leaves me speechless.
    It seems if they get the go ahead it could take a year to even get heard.
    Still hoping that by March 3rd they will withdraw if the installation sats are sufficiently low since Dec12th.
    Cheers Rob"

    So there you go, if you are an MP and you are reading this, this is what the public think of you, not just a whole industry.
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  2. babba

    babba Regular EF Member

    If you think they care what people think, you are madder than them....
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  3. moggy1968

    moggy1968 Electrician's Arms

    One of the things the Government has managed to do though is persuade people that solar energy is a rich middle class plaything subsidised by those in fuel poverty.
    It's time the industry seriously took on this claim and explained just how much solar really does add to peoples bills and how the installation of solar has helped people out of fuel poverty.
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  4. Earthstore

    Earthstore Guest

    We are all aware by their actions as to how they think, I was just trying to put a different slant on this, direct from a customer,his words, not mine.
    Can little ole me make a difference? Well, work out who my MP is, I am trying to do my bit, will I get anywhere? Who knows, but trust me I am trying.
  5. GaryM

    GaryM Guest

    That's all you can do, try. Giving up should be the last resort in any situation.
  6. babba

    babba Regular EF Member

    wasnt having a go...they dont care about us, we are just a number...back handers talk ...PV walks
  7. mdovey

    mdovey Regular EF Member

    The irony is that the changes to the FIT actually make it a rich middle class plaything (rather than their claimed intent for it to be for the many rather than the few).

    With the ROI on the 43p FIT, it was feasible to take out a loan to cover the installation and it still to make economic sense which made it accessible to those without 10K in the bank. At 21p, you pretty much need to have the money in the bank, and at 16p it pretty much needs to be disposable cash you don't care about rather than capital looking for a good investment vehicle...
  8. moggy1968

    moggy1968 Electrician's Arms

    Absolutely. I couldn't agree more. they have now taken it out of the hands of the man on the street and those in fuel poverty can't get free installs anymore.
    As you say, to make it viable from July you need to have money to throw away.
  9. moggy1968

    moggy1968 Electrician's Arms

    colt 45 would do the trick!!
    Unless you can sign a mental health section of course!
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2012
  10. Mozzerr

    Mozzerr Regular EF Member

    One of my neighbours got herself a Tesco 0% interest credit card - just last week - solely to fund her purchase of a PV system. The panels went up on her roof on Thursday...

    I really hope she gets the 43p FIT...
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