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  1. GarryJ

    GarryJ Regular EF Member

    Ayrshire, Scotland

    I was wondering if anyone knew or has sourced Imperial metal conduit Dies?

    I have a job coming up in an old mansion house where there is existing imperial conduit drops down to a consumer unit location above a ceiling which is accessible through a large hatch right at the DB. The customer however wants to raise the ceiling and I am going to need to fit new board etc which is not a problem. However there are 5 existing imperial conduits come down through the ceiling above which I am going to need to very carefully cut them at a higher location and try to run a new thread on them further up where I can bring them into a large galv joint box and get appropriate lockrings etc etc for them to remain a good earthing system with the single core pvc cables within them.
    Unfortunately I would have liked to lift the floor above and take the pipes back to the next box and re jig and rewire it all from there but this is not possible due to massive newly tiled floor bathroom above.

    I am aware of the imperial to metric adaptors however I need to cut the pipes further up and then re thread. Anyone any other ideas? I could obviously put earth clamps round each of the 5 pipes at a nice clean location but this would look a bit scabby I think

    Cheers in advance for any thoughts
  2. sparkdog

    sparkdog sparkdog Electrician's Arms

    Sunny Sussex
    Business Name:
    C MacRae Electrical
    I got imperial ones on Ebay.
  3. Rocboni

    Rocboni Trainee Access

    Will it not be difficult to thread them in situ? Could you not use the grub screw style conduit, that way you only need to cut the conduit fit an adaptor by tightening the gurb screw and bush into the galv box, 3/4" is 19mm so should work ok?

    Demon Cato CL20GA Conlok Quick Fit Galvanised Steel Straight Solid Adaptor With Serrated Socket Grub Screw 20mm, CL20GA -
  4. Rob

    Rob Trusted Advisor

    North west
    If the existing install is all in conduit, and of this age. I suggest not using the grub screw adaptors as the conduit may well be used to form the CPC of some circuits.
  5. Pete999

    Pete999 Trusted Advisor

    Top Poster Of Month

    Ive seen this post before
  6. Rocboni

    Rocboni Trainee Access

    We always pull in earth wires when re wiring old conduit systems.

    Those grub screw type fittings comply with BS EN 61386-21:2004 the same BS no. as the traditional screwed system so I can't see why you can't rely on them for an Earth?
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