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  1. TaffyDuck

    TaffyDuck Electrician's Arms

    Hi I wonder if I can ask a regs question please.
    Over the past few years Ive been doing more and more Light Industrial and commercial PIRs/EICRs on light industrial and commercial premises.
    My problem is that I`m no spring chicken anymore and working nights and weekends is no where near as easy as it was even 10 years ago.
    So now Im thinking about how to reduce these lates. None of these places are big enough to have maintenence sparks on site, just small units, you know the type, potters, wood turners, small machining factories, offices, that sort of stuff.
    Without a competent person on site all the time is it possible to forgo these 3/5 yearly Inspection and tests and replace them with regular visits ( say every 6 months or so) by me and sampling circuits, testing RCDs, Zs readings etc etc and visual obviously or does this require a competent person on site at all times.

    Advice from experienced Industrial guys would be appreciated
  2. Guest123

    Guest123 Guest

    It is quite common to break a PIR up into 20% parts over a five year period for large premesis.

    20% each year fulfills the requirement to have the installation tested every five years as by the time you complete the final 20% the five yearly date will be up.

    As long as everything is agreed between parties & clearly documented all is well.
  3. TaffyDuck

    TaffyDuck Electrician's Arms

    Lenny thank you for that, Im aware of the 20% yearly testing its just that I have heard somewhere or another that regular visuals and basic Zs testing rcds etc can get rid of the need for a full PIR. A full insp/test on the first visit is a must in my book but what Im trying to do is reduce the weekend/nights. 20% testing would in effect just spread them out, some of these places are working 16 hours a day so I get free run of the place at weekends or between 10pm and 6 am. And I really am VERY old (46)
  4. brooky25

    brooky25 Guest

    If you come across any faults with a 20% test, I think you then have to do a full test if Im not mistaken. It also depends on what the insurance company requires, I know places that have not been tested in years
  5. alarm man

    alarm man Guest

    46 is not old mate,im nearly there and i still feel 20,i act 19 but thats another thread..:hippy:
  6. MKMK

    MKMK EF Member

    Regulation 622.2 Page 195:

    "In the case of an installation under an effective management system for preventive maintenance in normal use, periodic inspection and testing may be replaced by an adequate regime of continuous monitoring and maintenance of the installation and all its constituent equipment by skilled persons, competent in such work. appropriate records shall be kept."
  7. TaffyDuck

    TaffyDuck Electrician's Arms

    Your a star . cheers mate
  8. Knobhead

    Knobhead Guest

    Regulation 667.23.57 electricians over the age of 46 shall be taken out of service at the first opportunity.
    Regulation 667.23.57.1 any electrician still found to be serviceable shall be confined to the nearest public hostelry.
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  9. Engineer54

    Engineer54 Guest

    It makes sense to for a small industrial unit to have an outside electrician under contract that knows the units machinery and installation. A contract that calls for all records (legal or otherwise) to be made and kept on the factories premises. a PIR or what ever they are called now, wouldn't i think be needed on a regular basis but would make an initial good starting point for any such contract.

    It would depend how often that the present machinery and/or installation gives rise to problems as to how often inspection visits would be based , along with unplanned call-outs. So if you present this idea to your clients, i would first draw up a schedule of what you propose to include in any such contract.

    And don't forget there is always going to be a fair bit of paperwork that's going to be involved. So don't enter into this, without putting a good deal of thought!!
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  10. mogga

    mogga Just me Electrician's Arms

    weas a company test various sizes some id recomend annual tests due to use abuse and movement of equipment
    others 5 yearly tests suffice as there isnt much happens between tests ans old Engineer says a FULL PIR at start of contract would be ideal as a starting poing and make you familliar with premisis I had a PIR to do recently then an installation at same place Thank god I had done a PIR as it was an absolute pigs ear of a workshop ( built 1900s wired 1930s old rusting conduit ect ect some SWA circuits added bonded by earth clamps ect ect )
  11. telectrix

    telectrix Scouser and Proud of It Respected Member

    Top Poster Of Month

    Business Name:
    so that puts me and you in sunnyside nursing home then, tony. LOL.
  12. TaffyDuck

    TaffyDuck Electrician's Arms

    Thanks for the advise guys, it appreciated. I would never suggest putting any client onto a continuous maintainance contract without 1st having carried out a full check and obviously the time between these inspections would vary dependant upon the usage, environmental factors etc. Again I appreciate your advise, I tend to work on my own mostly now so a forum like this is great for me to keep up with whats happening in the industry and draw on the expertise of guys with more experience in certain fields than I have.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2012

    GLENNSPARK Electrician's Arms

    west yorks.
    is that tally ho..then Tony?
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