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  1. Mark1985

    Mark1985 Regular EF Member

    South coast
    Hi guys,

    I’m a qualified spark having worked on a few industrial projects I’m keen to getting into instrumentation.

    Has anyone done this? Are there any courses that people recommend?

  2. Pete999

    Pete999 Forum Mentor

    Business Name:
  3. PaulDuncan

    PaulDuncan Installation Electrician, Maint Electrician, EC&I

    City & Guilds still do a Electrical / Electronics engineering course I think . Industrial Electronic servicing i t replaces i think.
  4. Ali-C-123

    Ali-C-123 EF Member

    Try and get a course on PLCs mate. I’m into CNC and PLC control. PLCs have built in closed loop control. Most instrumentation I see now is connected directly to the PLC and tuning/calibration is done via the PLC itself.
  5. Ali-C-123

    Ali-C-123 EF Member

    Also view this clip for more in depth guidance on the difference between electricians and instrument techs.

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  6. timbobelfast

    timbobelfast Electrician's Arms

  7. bomjac

    bomjac Regular EF Member

    Middle East
    By all means go for it. Employment prospects and potential earnings are much better than for a plain spark. The prices doubled about 5 years ago due to the Tory government increasing the cap on fees. It’s now £500 or so per unit at Teeside uni.

    However, be aware that you will be competing for work against the “teeside” mafia and also the Eirish equivalent. My mate actually had a teeside Tiffy whining to him recently about all the paddies taking over !

    My mate has been overlooked for dozens of hookups and projects all over the North Sea and Europe for the last 20 years whilst they are hiring 20yo kids straight out of college just because they are from Teeside.
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