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Discuss is basin in bathroom classed as a zone ?? in the Electrical Forum area at

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  1. egginyourface

    egginyourface Electrician's Arms

    As the title asks, is the Basin in Bathroom classed as a zone??
  2. londonlec

    londonlec Regular EF Member

    I beleive not unless theres a bath/shower.
  3. ample current

    ample current Regular EF Member

    Bristol area
    not according to the OSG (red one) page 71
  4. Paul.M

    Paul.M Electrician's Arms

    Lost in Space
    No mate, the zones are for basins of baths and showers not sinks. I would say that it shouldn't be possible to have your hand in the sink and touch a socket or a plugged in appliance (hairdryers) can't fall into the sink.
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  5. Dave 85

    Dave 85 Guest

    No its not. I think the reccomendation for basin is 300mm to nearest accessory. Obviously a shaver socket can be closer.
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