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Discuss Is it worth trying to get agency work as a sparks mate while at college? in the Electrical Forum area at

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  1. OllieNotts

    OllieNotts Guest

    No real experience here and trying to get myself into the trade down the mate route as suggested by you lovely folk. Thing is I know there will probably be a lot of competition for these jobs(if they even exist going on the agency's I use for driving) but I dont have an ECS card either which seems to be required for most job advertised right now. Couldnt find one mates job online in Jan, but seen a few agency type roles and wondering if its worth trying to charm me way in to get some work even if its odd days thats all I am doing now driving :(
    How do I get a CSCS or ECS card?
  2. malcolmsanford

    malcolmsanford Electrician's Arms

  3. sythai

    sythai Electrician's Arms

    posted in error... sorry
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2012
  4. Andy 7671

    Andy 7671 Guest

    Are you studying anything at college at present

    IPAF helped me a lot

    If you havent any experience be prepared to get laid off a lot, dont take it personal, just learn what you didnt know,

    Get a basic set of good quality hand tool, snips croppers level, haclsaw, files 6mm metal bits, 20 and 25 holesaw etc,
    then a battery drill,

    Put your pride under the stairs and prepare for the long haul...aim for JIB card, forget the 6k short courses,

    Get an economical car and be prepared to travel.
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  5. alarm man

    alarm man Guest

    a refreshingly honest post there mate,its not quick quals self employed in weeks work coming out your ears and 50k a surprised as it sounds so easy..:confused:
  6. OllieNotts

    OllieNotts Guest

    Yes I am doing my level 2 2330 at the minute, and some of the lads on the course want to use a training provider to do the level 3 as one of the tutors runs one from his garage and they seem to think it will make them an electrician quicker and will be earning more then if they stay at college another year to do it properly? I have no intention of doing such a course but before I fork out for the next stage I would like to be at least labouring for a spark or on site so I have some direction. It may take another year but I can get or at least try to get a normal job on the lorry's while I wait for the economy to pick up.
    Just wondered if there is any chance I would even get work on the agency's? Dont mind starting at the bottom I know its the only way to build my knowledge properly and was putting in 80 hour weeks last year to pay the bills and do college so I am not shy of work. Just looking to pro actively search some kind of path into the industry as I know it wont fall in to my lap.
  7. Andy 7671

    Andy 7671 Guest

    Umm, yeah, sorry, should of said that it is a valid route first.

    Theres one in Newark, mate required for portable accomadation.

    Try registering with Trovit, jobisjob etc then look every evening.

    Ill PM you a list of ME agencies later.
  8. OllieNotts

    OllieNotts Guest

    Thanks, not heard of them sites before. Starting to get a bit desperate financially and running out of money fast :( Just want to get working whatever industry it is in but would be nice if I can get a foot in the door electrically now. If I am not too out of my depth that is.
  9. Knobhead

    Knobhead Guest

    Have sent you a PM
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