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  1. TheECG

    TheECG Guest

    First of all hello to everyone. My name is Daniel Taylor Iam an Appointments Manager at The Energy Conservation Group.
    I have read quite a number of posts on this website andthere is a lot of confusion among the general public about the investmentopportunity for generating your own electricity using solar power modules. It’snot surprising as the government have made quite a few changes to the schemesince its release date back in April 2010! I would like to explain theinvestment and the benefits of using solar power; I will make my explanation assimple as possible and include technical details for the more advancedresearchers into the subject.

    The scheme was released April 1 2010, an incentive put inplace to encourage homeowners to become self sufficient and generate you ownelectricity and get paid for doing so! At this moment in time you can earn 21pper unit of electricity you generate and use for yourself. Not only will thatbut for any electricity you are not using automatically be sold back to thenational grid earning you an additional 3p on top of the 21p. As you can seeyou will be paid regardless whether you use the electricity or not! Got aholiday planned? Even if no-one is home your system is still earning you money!On top of this, the scheme is TAX FREE and INDEX LINKED. Meaning this is agreat way to lock in your energy bills as they are. You will not be affected bythe energy price inflations because as energy bills rise the difference will bepaid to you!
    I have provided a link that will explain the scheme in fulldetail and the site provides links to keep you updated of any changes made. Iwill provide you with links to specification details that we The EnergyConservation Group offer at this moment in time. Just copy and paste the linksinto your browser.
    Feed-in Tariffs - Department of Energy and Climate Change

    Photo-voltaic Panels:
    KIOTO: these are our top range panels (the Lamborghini ofsolar panels). Each panel has 240w/245w output and are of the Mono-crystallinevariety. (Black panels) this type of system ranges from a 1.225kw (5 panels) toa 4kw (16 panels)

    CONERGY ECOPRO: these panels range from 215w-240w output perpanel. this type of system ranges from a 1.175kw (5 panels) to a 3.995 (17panels). If you are concerned with the panels standing out to much on yourroof, we offer both BLUE and BLACK EcoPro panels to help blend in with darkertiled roof spaces.

    CONERGY POWERPLUS: This set of panels is the elder brotherof the EcoPro set, with higher outputs per panel. These panels range from230w-250w output per panel. This type of system ranges from a 1.2kw (5 panels)to a 3.840kw (16 panels). If you are concerned with the panels standing out tomuch on your roof, we offer both BLUE and SILVER EcoPro panels to help blend inwith darker tiled roof spaces.

    If you would like to find out if solar power is theinvestment opportunity which you can profit from, the first step is finding outif your property is indeed capable for a solar power system.
    The Energy Conservation Group can help with this. We offercompletely FREE with NO OBLIGATION surveys of your property where we willdetermine if you are capable and to let you know of your limitations. We willalso bring a couple of panels with us so you can see the technology foryourself! If you have an average energy bill we can sit down with you andcalculate your return rate, payback period, and potential earnings and savings.And we will leave this information with you so you can do your own researchafterwards! We have been in the industry for over 10 years now so you can havepeace of mind that the service we provide will be of a professional andrespectful nature. All we ask is a cup of tea for our time and the rest is downto you.

    If you would like any leaflets and information sent to youraddress or even set yourself up a free survey please drop me an email or callme directly and I will do my very best to provide you with all the help I cangive.

    Thank you for the time taken to read this post.

    Daniel Taylor
    TECG Appointments Manager
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: Solar Panels | PV | Heating | Air Source Heat Pump Installers :: The Energy Conservation Group
    Contact Number: 01202 811169
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