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Discuss Is there a test Cert for earth rod testing in the Periodic Inspection Reporting & Certification area at

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  1. bikeman

    bikeman Guest

    A project engineer has requested a test cert for an earth electrode test on an industrial site earthing system is there a test cert for this?
  2. bill01803

    bill01803 Regular EF Member

    Its called An Electrical Installation Certificate
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  3. Engineer54

    Engineer54 Guest

    If this TT earthing system is an extensive one, ask the project engineer for say an A4 or A3 layout drawing of the site with the electrode locations marked on this drawing. You can then give each one an index number and show a tested Ra value against each electrode on a separate sheet. Then attach both the drawing and the sheet showing the test values to the EIC. You can state the overall Ra value on the actual EIC sheet.
  4. johnboy6083

    johnboy6083 Band Member Electrician's Arms

    South east
    We use a simple system like E54 mentions. We list the rods and individual ra values, and then grouped values if applicable.
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