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LED Driver

Discussion in 'Electrical Forum' started by hodaire, Sep 28, 2011.

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  1. hodaire

    hodaire Guest

    Anyone know what type of driver i would need for 3 x 1w 350 m/A leds wired in series.

    person who wired these has dissapeared and i'm trying to finish the job off, been in touch with the manufacturer (targetti) and they want £120 for the driver and reckon delivery will be about 5 weeks, anything i could pick up from a standard wholesaler?
  2. wirepuller

    wirepuller Forum Mentor

    south uk
    Try Collingwood lighting...they will be able to advise.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2011
  3. rsmck

    rsmck DIY

    What sort of driver do you need ? just a basic driver or one that's dimmable etc? You want to search for a 350mA Constant Current driver - almost any will be suitable for such a small load - I have 15 of them (across 4 channels of DMX control), and even that driver only cost me about £60 :)
  4. ian.settle1

    ian.settle1 Forum Mentor

    There are 2 types of LED drivers a constant current and a constant voltage.

    Constant current is when the LEDs are in series

    Constant voltage is when LEDs are in parallel
  5. egginyourface

    egginyourface Electrician's Arms

    whats the difference between constant current and constant voltage?
  6. topquark

    topquark Electricians Arms Member Forum Mentor

    They do exactly what the names imply. One maintains a constant output voltage (current will vary depending on load). The constant current one will have a high output resistance enabling it to maintain a constant current. Usage as Ian has already said.
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