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  1. Ross Trician

    Ross Trician Guest

    Good evening folks.
    I have a customer who I am planning a rewire for and ther are asking for LED lights for in treads, wall washing, down lights etc....
    I am aware of the general down lighter spot lights etc but whilst browsing the web for ideas, styles, costs etc I see some stuff is 240V supply where as other stuff requires a driver.
    why is there a need for a driver? what are the benifits of 240V and "driver" type led stuff? what are your own opinions of them, any particiular brands that are good quality over other poor stuff.
    thanks, Ross.
  2. fredie

    fredie Guest

    Re: LED lightining

    We have installed different LED lighting in numerous jobs. The simple ones i.e. Philips or Aurora LED GU10 lamps dont need a driver and they are dimmable. We have installed Robus and Cooper LED lights - these need a driver. The driver is the control gear and you can have standard switchable or dimmable drivers for most LED lights. Yes you need to be careful LED lamps are entirely different, it's new technology and is at the moment changeable.
  3. Ross Trician

    Ross Trician Guest

    Re: LED lightining

    thanks for the reply, I dont want to sound dim... but why do some need the driver, do they do something different? am I correct in saying 240v led lamps are for example gu10 lamps, where as say a 3watt led spot needs a driver?
  4. jase

    jase Electrician's Arms

    a 240 LED gu10 will have the driver "built in" much as a CFL lamp has the control gear built in instead of needing a ballast like a normal fluory
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