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LED/T5 fittings

Discussion in 'Electrical Forum' started by Echo, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. Echo

    Echo Electrician's Arms

    North West
    Can anybody recommend any decent LED/T5 fittings to replace 400w HPS.

    Meeting a new client tomorrow interested in changing the fittings throughout a warehouse but would like to be able to know a ballpark figure beforehand. We have currently been using Tamlites (CEF) T5 fittings, but these were spec'ed. I'm sure there will be a better value product out there.

    PS. Also any decent LED floods?
  2. dim_bulb

    dim_bulb Guest

    Re led floods

    Go on led

    They havea really good selection I've just bought 20, 50 watt floods got all the spec on their website if you want an equivalent 400watt flood a 30 watt cool white would be suitable

    Also if you need a 50 watt quivelent gu10 - sylvania 7.5watt are best
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  3. bigspark17

    bigspark17 Electrician's Arms

    megaman 4W warm white led gu10 are the bees knees.!
  4. Jimsparky

    Jimsparky Guest

    A company called rite lite systems do some great exterior floods at a very good price.
    For a warehouse I like Nvc lightings flowbay. It's a 4 * 55 watt pl lamp fitting with great lumen output and lamp life.
  5. mackers

    mackers Guest

    just done same sort of scheme tamlite do extra life t5 lamps which last 45,000 hrs which is same as there led lo-bay but one hell of alot cheaper,also with the t5 you can change the lamps led its a new fitting,
    i know tamlite are dear but the back up is 2nd to none if any problems this is why i use them ,i feel buying off the net i wont get that service.
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