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  1. seftonbarn

    seftonbarn Regular EF Member

    I purchased a 100w LED Transformer (240v - 12v) from LED Hut. It came with no instructions. I contacted customer services and asked if I should switch at the input or output side of the transformer. The transformer has 2 outputs. I also asked LED Hut if each output was limited to 50w or if only one of the outputs were to be used could that be used up to a max of 100w. Their response was that they could not answer the question because they were not trained electricians and that I should consult a professional. I used to be a domestic installer but I career changed so I guess I can no longer class myself as professional. So my question to the professionals is: "is there any regulation that states that accessories such as this should be fitted iaw the manufacturers instructions"? Also is there any regulation that obliges the supplier to provide instructions? And lastly if there is a professional out there that can advise on my 2 technical questions regarding switching and outputs that would be greatly appreciated.
  2. westward10

    westward10 In echoed steps I walk across an empty dream. Staff Member Moderator

    Can you post a good pic of the culprit. It is likely to be 50w per output.
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  3. Richard Burns

    Richard Burns Respected Member

    Business Name:
    Richard Burns
    Generally switching would be performed on the 230Vac side to prevent permanently powering the power supply even though it should take minimal current when not connected to a load.
    Generally a multi output driver can only output the maximum load divided equally between outputs, though there are exceptions.
    There is no requirement I am aware of to supply instructions, or to install to the manufacturers instructions. Generally having both would be likely to be most successful; it is certainly possible that some non electrical regulation may require this.
    The driver does not seem to specify on it, it is probably a generically printed label with only certain elements modified.
    led driver12v 100w ip67.jpg
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  4. dmxtothemax

    dmxtothemax Regular EF Member

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    David Haddock Electronic Repairs
    1 -[if I should switch at the input or output side of thetransformer.] The switch should go on the input side of the transformer always.
    2 - [The transformer has 2 outputs. I also asked LED Hut if each output was limited to 50w or if only one of the outputs were to be used could that be used up to a max of 100w].
    Most likely you can put all 100w on any one set of terminals.
    You do not have to put one on each.
    Just make sure the cable can safely handle the load.
  5. 123

    123 Electrician's Arms

    This is one of the many reasons I wouldn't use the likes of LED Hut. Not only do I not like the quality of what they are generally selling, but they don't seem to have a blooming clue as to what they are selling either.
  6. HandySparks

    HandySparks Forum Mentor

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    Neish Electrical Services
    If the resistance between the output positives and between the output negatives is near enough zero ohms (less than 0.1 ohms?) then the two outputs are probably connected to the same output internally. I would use both output cables paralleled up to share the current.
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