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  1. Mark_Burgess

    Mark_Burgess Electrician's Arms

    After several weeks of making my mind up to get get one, I got one today.

    Blimey it is GOOD!!!
  2. Kiers1970

    Kiers1970 Regular EF Member

    is the lamp angle adjustable mate?
  3. Hawk81

    Hawk81 Electrician's Arms

    Northern Ireland
    Yes the lamp angle is adjustable
  4. R4BOE

    R4BOE Guest

    my bro bought one from cef and the wire broke quite quickly, (wire looks quite thin to be honest)but it was great light output and not bad for the cash, he got a credit and bought the PLitz instead but the light output is crap compaired with the led lensa

    anyone else had any issuse with the led lenser ? because i would buy one myself as it a lot lighter as well

    it kind of put me off buying one but he may just have been unlucky
  5. MarkieSparkie

    MarkieSparkie Guest

    H7 is good but the M7 is even better.
  6. Garythenab

    Garythenab Guest

    Yes common fault with the h7 just sed it back to the manufacturer as they have a two year guarantee
  7. Kem

    Kem Active EF Member

    My wire broke twice. Resoldered the one entering the led unit and now the cable entering the battery pack has broken.

    I have bought other head torches but this is the best one I have come across.
  8. nadger

    nadger Regular EF Member

    daughter bought me a H7r for christmas, its the dogs danglys. and if it lasts as long as my previous Led Lenser i will be a happy boy
  9. Robotstar5

    Robotstar5 Electrician's Arms

    Wouldn't be without mine :D
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