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  1. gof1

    gof1 New EF Member

    Hi just wanted to know if there are many members who have used
    "Line Products" junction enclosures, as my mate colloquially calls them grenades, as they have a certain resemblance to a grenade shape. These are an excellent product to be used with wago, ideal, helicon connectors, I was hoping to start a vote of people who have used these products, to try to see if we can encourage the manufacturer to put these products back into production?
    thanks for replies and information

    JOURNEYMAN Regular EF Member

    The state of some of the electrics we see posted on here I think a few people use hand grenades during installations, however I seem to recall a recent thread on Line products 'grenade' in which several members expressed a liking for them.
  3. Andy78

    Andy78 Respected Member

    Kingston upon Hull
    Yes, great product. Still got a handful rattling round in the van.
    I'm not sure as to the precise reason they are no longer available, but pretty sure it's not lack of willingness on the part of the company. I think if they could be available they would be.
  4. Marvo

    Marvo Admin and gender confused Staff Member

    South Africa
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