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  1. marconi

    marconi Respected Member

    I am working on a study for my brother-in-law who runs a national outdoor catering business. At the moment he uses 3.4kVA petrol generators with Honda engines modified to run on LPG. The maximum steady state load is about 900W but they are sized at 3.4kVA to start in sequence and then run simultaneously a larder fridge, chest freezer and drinks cooler plus 4 x 5ft flourescent lamps at the beginning of the day. I am investigating using LPG inverter generators. He wants to stick with Honda engines because of his experience of their good reliability - they run 10 hours a day and are serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. I am also studying reducing the starting surges of the refrigeration equipments but this is not the subject of this post.

    Could I ask folk what their experience is of suitcase petrol engine inverter generators circa 2kVA modified to run on LPG. The ones I have looked at describe them as for leisure and hobby use which means they do not as described seem designed for business use.

    The key things I would like to know are on:

    a. reliability;
    b. are they more economic to run;
    c. are they electrically robust or temperamental;
    d. are their engines trouble-free/low maintenance?
    e. are they liable to overheat in summer on a hot day?
    f. are they up to 'all day' running?
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
  2. static zap

    static zap Regular EF Member

    west midlands
    (Shall ask my-mate who ran one...past tense)
    ..e) I do remember expansion cooling of LPG helps !
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  3. PEG

    PEG Respected Member

    The manufacturer lists the duty cycle and run time as you require,as for longevity,that would depend on use,care and if it's still there...(he'll need some chains and locks:))

    In theory,they run drier on the top-end,but that should exceed the life of other components,so not a worry. He will need to factor in the additional care in hooking up/folding up,that LPG adds,especially if either the bottle or the generator,is built in or covered.

    The Honda units are reliable enough,more so,if in regular use,but 9 times out of 10,there will be no electricity because someone has nicked it....they are far too saleable:(
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