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  1. co00okie

    co00okie EF Member

    Hi, I have recently finished an EAL level 3 course last summer and after reading some of the posts on here I don't know s*** about s***. Excuse my french. I have a keen interest in electrics and would one day, like to be in a position to be able to answer some of the questions posted on here. Unfortunately I haven't found a foot in the industry yet but I am still hopeful.
    Whilst I keep looking for my career change, is there any chance that anybody on this forum could use a hand whilst on the job? I have my sweeping ticket and can make a mean cup of tea. I can at the moment offer a day a week free of charge. All I ask is that I can ask questions I am not sure on and some advice on what my next steps should be (in regards to transitioning from a sales background to the electrical industry).

    Thanks for reading. If this is in the wrong section or isn't allowed on this forum please delete.
  2. Martyn Fletcher

    Martyn Fletcher Regular EF Member

    I am far from an ideal example, but I will offer some advice, for what it's worth.
    Perhaps look yourself into what you can do next and where it can take you, such as the NVQ diplomas and/or City & Guilds quals (They're always asking for those around here).
    Then offer that information up as YOUR planned route to where you want to go. You're bound to get objective advice. ;)
    With regard to finding a mentor, that's a hard one. I struggled for a while, but then I'm (assuming) a lot older than you and I have had experience, albeit 30 years ago.
    Perhaps do as I did, approach well known electrical companies in your area with your CV/plan for self improvement and ask the question.
    Another pretty good place to meet other electricians is at the wholesalers open days. Some reputable wholesalers have open and training days where they discuss upcoming events such as the imminent 18th Edition. It makes for a good get together. Make sure to introduce and explain yourself to the business owner/manager first, they're people who know people. ;)
    Other than that i'd say don't give up. I'm not where I want to be and may never get there, but every step forward broadens my smile.
    The best of luck to you. ;)
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