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  1. WaterSparky

    WaterSparky Regular EF Member

    My house
    We don`t usually mess around with commercial/offices. But i`ve been tasked with putting some power and data points in the office. Seems like dado trunking or the like is the best bet and lots of it...

    So I`ve heard one of the best ways is to use a mitre saw for it? But i`m worried that the course blade that is in mine will chip it, not too big of deal now as its warm, but if i`m to get my use out of it i`d like to be able to use it in the cold. I`d assume the more teeth the better?

    Anyone got any good blade recommendations?



    Edit: Didnt look to see if there were posts about this subject... My bad.
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  2. darkwood

    darkwood Super Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    West Yorkshire
    I always used a set square, pen and hacksaw.. can take some getting used to as a trainee keeping the cut straight on all sides but once you master it you won't be stuck with similar tasks down the road.
  3. Andy78

    Andy78 Respected Member

    Kingston upon Hull
    A hacksaw blade for me too, probably 18-24tpi would be fine. Anything like a 32tpi will just bung up straight away.
    All dado trunking will come with manufactured bends available for most situations. I personally think they give the best finish to a job but they can easily bulk the cost up.
    Three compartment stuff is great but slightly longer on the install time and way more cost than single compartment with divider. You can obviously only get away with single compartment if the trunking is not going to be too heavily populated.
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  4. gnselectricals

    gnselectricals Electrician's Arms

    I bought myself a evolution rage sliding mitre saw for dado and had no problems with chipping etc. alternating now between dado and metal work and the blades holding up pretty well
  5. edexlab

    edexlab Electrician's Arms

    A firm I worked for used a chop saw designed for wood, this was tried a few times but it could cut ok sometimes but more often it would shatter the plastic, probably due to the high Rev's possibly a slower speed would work,
    I have the smaller evolution chopsaw which is slower and great for unistrut etc but I've not tried it on plastics as it's too small a cut radius for dado trunking
    Another vote for the Hacksaw from me!
  6. rsgaz

    rsgaz Regular EF Member

    I use a jigsaw along the back of it. This means I don't need to put some offcuts of lid on the carrier beforehand like I would with a mitre saw to stop it vibrating and/or shattering.

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