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  1. RWJ

    RWJ 8,400+ day wonder Electrician's Arms

    East Anglia
    Low-voltage halogen lamps are to be banned from next year under draft legislation drawn up by the European Commission, Lux magazine can reveal

    12V MR16 lamps are the workhorses of retail, commercial and, increasingly, residential lighting and millions are sold every year in the EU.

    But under Ecodesign legislation, ‘poor performing’ versions are to be phased out from next year.

    Better-performing versions, such as those with infra-red coatings, will follow by 2016.

    The law sets out a series of minimum performance measures, including lifetime, output in a 90-degree cone and efficiency, which will effectively mean that low quality lamps – often Far Eastern imports – will be excluded from sale in the European Union from 2013.

    The phase-out is part of the Ecodesign legislation, which led to the phase-out of incandescent lamps in recent years.

    Paul Hodson of the directorate-general for energy is currently consulting with peers before publication of the final draft.

    Lamp makers are said to be concerned with the new performance metrics, the timescales of the ban and supplies of IRC capsules.

    SOURCE: Low voltage halogen lamps set to be banned from next year | Lux Magazine
  2. mogga

    mogga Just me Electrician's Arms

    all this "Green stuff" costs the consumer and makes the electrician recomending the work out to be the baddy as he cant fit equipment that doesnt comply
    BTW Anyone in edinburgh looking for 100w gls lamps theres a shop on leithWalk has a big load for sale
  3. Bright Sparks

    Bright Sparks Guest

    Be careful when using IRC lamps they have a high temperature in the capsule of about 400 Deg C. Most downlights are only suitable (Painted to withstand temperature) for standard lamps which burn at 220-250 deg C (50W halogen). It doesn't take long for the IRC's to discolour the paint and sometimes paint weld the bezel to the fitting, making lamps almost impossible to remove once blown. This can cause costly call backs and very red faces, as one set of specifiers had when I explained the issue after investigation.
  4. Fin170

    Fin170 Electrician's Arms

    "increasingly, residential lighting"

    Well if that's the case I better get my gas safe stuff sorted out because gas based lighting must be making a come back too
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  5. electron1

    electron1 Regular EF Member

    More Brussels and GREEN T**T reasoning, yet to cost the everydayman yet more money on future conversions.
  6. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Guest

    2016!!! Thats a long long wait for such a popular lamp.
    So im going to be stocking up as much as possible to keep clients happy than putting in for a blanket lamp change when the new ones come in. :thumbup:

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  7. TomandLesley

    TomandLesley Active EF Member

    Just experimenting with some LED GU10s and MR16s which use surface mounted diodes. They give a better light than the lens types. So far no failures, some of the GU10s are 3W some 4W depending on the number of diodes. The MR16 are 1 or 2 W. They are all warm white, approx 3000K. Just trying them at home first, we have loads of this type of lighting in every room. So far I think that this is the future of lighting. The electric meter has slowed down a lot too.
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