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Lutron Grafik Eye

Discussion in 'Electrical Forum' started by J.C.E, Jan 11, 2017.

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  1. J.C.E

    J.C.E Electrician's Arms

    Been asked to tender for a kitchen extension which will have 3 'zones' of lights:
    10x LED downlights
    2x wall lights
    3x pendants over island
    but the main contract has said the client is keen on getting Lutron Grafik Eye.

    still in early stages for this job but wanted to get clued up prior.

    what are the wiring requirements for a Lutron Grafik Eye? a t/e feed to the panel then cat5 to switches then t/e from switches to lights

    guessing the switches have to be lutron dimmers rather than say a varilight dimmer??

    any help/advise would be great just to get clue up rather than 'ask the client for what they want' as I do not no for sure just yet ;)

    Cheers guys
  2. yly

    yly EF Member

    Business Name:
    Smart Sparkies Limited
    The last time i fitted one (about 2 years ago), a 3500, had everything in one place, supply in, then lighting circuits out and cat5 for the keypads. you will need to use the Lutron keypads.
    The grafik eye is basically a central relay that controls you lighting and the keypads just a remote control.
    Uploaded some wiring diagrams if it helps.

    Also check if the client wants to control it of his phone/tablet as this might require extra wiring and extra equipment.
  3. J.C.E

    J.C.E Electrician's Arms

    Thanks for advise yly

    I am thinking probaly a 4 or 6 zone panel by the entrance to new kitchen so take a 6amp twin earth feed to this. Then 1 cat6 or belden cable (think belden is seen to be better practice due to rating etc?)
    To say just one 2nd pad by bifold doors (other end of kitchen)
    If I go for belden- do i just need 3cores between the panel and 2nd pad

    Then just take a t/e sf from main panel to say my 3 different zones?

    Do I need any drivers or any other electronic bits too? Or just straight into a 230v JCC downlight with osram LED gu10

    Pendants will probaly be e27's of some kind
    And same with wall lights

    What extra equipment is needed for smartphone control too?

    Really appriciate your help
  4. J.C.E

    J.C.E Electrician's Arms

    email i sent to lutron and waiting for reply:

    I have been asked to quote for installation of a Lutron Grafik Eye for a new kitchen extension.
    So far the spec I have been given is 6x downlights, 3x pendant lights and 2x wall lights
    So at the moment I am assuming there will be 3 zones.

    It will be quite a basic install- as only covering the one room- so I would again assume they will want a 2nd switch at the other side of the kitchen (to act as a standard 2way switch would) so here I am assuming I would need a a 2nd Lutron pad. (QSWE-5BRLN-AW)

    Then wiring requirements:

    Feed the Grafik Eye panel with a 6amp feed (wired in twin and earth PVC cable) (LIVE, NEUTRAL, EARTH)
    A CAT/5 or CAT/6 cable from the Grafik eye panel that feeds the 2nd pad ( 1,3,4 CONNECTIONS)
    Then a twin and earth PVC cable from the grafik eye main panel to the 1st light of each zone (LIVE, NEUTRAL, EARTH)

    The 6x downlight will have these bulbs: Megaman 5.5W GU10 LED | Dimmable | Downlights Direct -
    The 3x pendants will have these bulbs: Philips Filament LED Light Bulbs 7.5W = 60W | Downlights Direct -
    The 2x wall lights will have these bulbs: same as pendants bulbs
    Kind regards.

    If you could advise that I only need parts QSGRK-3PCE-WH and QSWE-5BRLN-AW ?
    If I have the wiring correct?
    and also if the lamps I propose to use will be compatible and dim well with your Lutron products?

    Look forward to your reply.

    As a further note- how easy is it to turn my above proposed setup into something that can also then be control by a smartphone? what would be the extra parts needed and extra wiring required?
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