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  1. J.C.E

    J.C.E Electrician's Arms

    Trying to price a job where they want Lutron to control the lights. Not worked with Lutron Before- as have only done a Loxone course.

    I understand the basic principles of wiring the lights back to the panel and then using the lutron cable/cat6 from the panel to the wall stations

    quick look online- looks like they only do up to like 8way grafik eyes

    how do you do a whole house (4 floors) is there a bigger way panel or will it be a case of having like 10+ 8way grafiks eyes (i doubt)

    any info appriciated
  2. J.C.E

    J.C.E Electrician's Arms

    FYI- there is around 68 different lighting circuits

    so would it be a case of having 9x 8way grafik eye panels

    or is there a more combined way of doing this
  3. DefyG

    DefyG Regular EF Member

    South East
    Lutron do a number of multi room to whole house/building options, best look at their website.
  4. mossep

    mossep Regular EF Member

    Grafik eyes go up to 6 way. You can use them for a whole house but you need to have a big think about what the client wants it to do. Unless you are sticking on in each room, you may have functionality issues if your not clues up on how they work.

    For a system of that size Lutron Homeworks may be more suitable, but you would need to be a Lutron installer to buy and program it.
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