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  1. BlackSabbath

    BlackSabbath New EF Member


    First post on the forum so hello to everyone :)

    I'm a marine electrical engineer by trade, and have been working full time in the industry since 2012 when I finished my HND. I have often wondered about getting shore-side trained/recognised and would like to know what the best route in doing so would be in Scotland? Never a bad idea to have a plan B contingency regarding work, it would be great to get to my own bed every night!

    I have approached a few electricians locally looking for part time work (voluntary) on my time off, in order to pick up some domestic knowledge. But this was unsuccessful, for reasons I cannot understand...

    The idea was to kick about with a local spark for 6-12 months (or how ever long it took) in order to become competent in how things are conducted ashore. Regarding the theoretical side of things, I was hoping my qualifications would be somewhat recognised and the regs, etc I could self study at-will. Regarding the practical side of things, a skills test when I felt ready? Not quite sure how it works.

    Has anyone got any advice on the matter?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. The_apprentice2.0

    The_apprentice2.0 Regular EF Member

    With you being in scotland I am not sure what difference it will make but I hope this helps ...... In regards to your HND they should recognise it, I work on the industrial side and was looking to get into the domestic side in a similar way to which you are, on phoning around 3 of the schemes they requested copies of my level 3 NVQ, (electrical engineering maintenance) when this wasn't sufficient I sent them a copy of elec/elec ONC & HNC and they all said that the HNC is recognised on the domestic side. With the HND being a higher qual I imagine this will still apply.

    I know schemes do not apply in Scotland, but figure that if they are willing to accept it as proof of competence ... so should the sparks you will be working with.

    100% get your 18th behind you, domestic focuses on the regs a hell of a lot more than industry and having them should put you in a better position for voluntary work.

    6-12months may be a bit optomistic though, same principles different ball game.

    Good luck and I hope at least some of that can help you ;)
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  3. BlackSabbath

    BlackSabbath New EF Member

    Thanks @The_apprentice2.0@The_apprentice2.0.

    I will look into the 18th exam in that case.

    Wrt the 6-12 months, that was just an arbitrary time frame. I didn't mean for it to sound like domestic stuff will be a cakewalk, I understand it will bring it's own challenges and plenty of them!

    I have sent an email to SECTT to see what they come back with regarding routes to allow me to train/work shoreside.
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