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Discuss MCS accreditation of PV mounting kits in the Solar PV Forum area at

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  1. mountingdesignr

    mountingdesignr Guest

    The deadline for accreditation expires on 30th of June. Is anyone bothered with it?

    I know that Hilti got their certification and say that the kit is 4 times stronger than Clenergy's.

  2. Worcester

    Worcester Forum Mentor

    And you just happen to work for hilti, in which case you know those that are already certified
    Clenergy Europe Ltd
    Daikin Europe N. V.
    Esdec BV
    K2 Solar Mounting Solutions Limited
    Monier Redland Ltd
    Romag Limited
    Schletter GmbH
    Solar Century Holdings Limited
    Solar Limpets Ltd
    Solar Seller Ltd T/A Qameleon
    SVH Energie
    Viessmann Ltd.
    Viridian Solar / Viridian Concepts Ltd
    Xiamen Grace solar Technology Co., Ltd.
    Xiamen Hopergy Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd

    mmm Don't see Hilti on that list :)
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