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  1. Poncho Sads

    Poncho Sads New EF Member

    I am thinking about buying the Megger MFT1730, I have read bad reviews (before 2014) on the no trip test and z readings being off. Does anyone know what the 1730 is like now in 2016? is it worth buying?

    has there been any software upgrades to fix the issues? any info is appreciated
  2. robo83

    robo83 Regular EF Member


    Firstly Megger customer service was 10/10 for me.

    I have the 1730, I had an early version. Had a few issues, sent it back. 3 days later I get it back, all updated with fixed issue.

    Since then it's been great.

    Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  3. PEG

    PEG Respected Member

    Hi,i can vouch for the service,at least in my own instances of contacting them.

    I have a collection of gear (whether i need it all is a matter of conjecture:winkiss:) including a new 1720.

    It is good,reliable tackle,factoring in anything electronic related is FAR from infallible.

    I was considering having a play with a new 1735,knowing full well,the minute i own one,they'll bring out one with a radio,compass and a torch...
  4. trypod

    trypod Regular EF Member

    MFT 1731 is the way to go
  5. Poncho Sads

    Poncho Sads New EF Member

    so after the update now all the Zs readings and no trip readings you get are as expected?
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