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  1. Hari jones

    Hari jones New EF Member

    Megger MFT1730 with Bluetooth.

    Calibrated until sept 2018:

    Used, but great condition. Comes with all accessories.

    Wanting £600 Ono

    Some spec info below (taken from

    Insulation testing at 100V, 250V, 500V and 1kV with adjustable alarms

    200mA and 15mA Continuity tests

    2-wire no-trip & high current loop testing with Zmax and R1+R2 values

    Polarity test

    RCD ramp test

    Phase to phase loop test

    RCD auto test & programmable tripping current level

    3 phase RCD test

    3 wire earth resistance test with 25V and 50V output & ground noise voltage check

    Phase rotation test

    TRMS 10V to 600V supply measurement range

    Auto-start tests on continuity and loop resistance – no need to push the button

    Dual display shows loop resistance and fault current results simultaneously

    Dual test buttons for left or right-handed operation

    Memory storage of up to 1000 measurements

    Test lockout

    Safe contact detector

    Live circuit warning

    Auto discharge

    Analogue arc display

    Bluetooth interface

    Remote switch probe included

    Rechargeable batteries

    Weatherproof to IP54

    CAT IV 300V safety standard

    The MFT 1730 has a balanced neckstrap for hands-free operation with a TEST button on both ends of the tester for either left or right-handed testing. The large character dual display with backlight allows for two parameters to be shown at one time and colour coded range selection dials make this an intuitive and straightforward multifunction tester to use. The rugged design and IP54 rated rubber moulding of the MFT1730 allow the instrument to withstand tough conditions and heavy handed treatment. Together with a CAT IV 300V safety rating the Megger 1730 is a 17th Edition tester designed for safe using either inside or out. The carry case for this new Megger 17th Edition tester ensures the safe transportation of the instrument when travelling between tests and has extra space for the storage of tools, test leads and other extras.

    Deliver for £1pm
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  2. 123

    123 Electrician's Arms

    Whats the reason for selling it?
  3. Hari jones

    Hari jones New EF Member

    I don’t use it anymore.
    I had an accident/illness (non-work related) so have changed jobs. I have no use for it anymore.
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  4. Murdoch

    Murdoch Electrician's Arms

    How old is it?
  5. Hari jones

    Hari jones New EF Member

    2 years
    (I’ve attached some pics)






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