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  1. PJH2903

    PJH2903 EF Member

    Bacup, Lancashire
    Business Name:
    Hudnott Electric Ltd
    I have recently got a Megger MFT1730 and wanted to give the Bluetooth download feature a try.
    The PowerSuite trial software that came with the tester will not load onto my windows 10 computer and looking online it would appear that the software will only work up to Windows 7.
    I have tried emailing Megger CS a couple of times but have not had a response.
    Does anyone know what software will work with the tester or am I wasting my time?
  2. Risteard

    Risteard Respected Member

    Derry, Ireland
    Business Name:
    Walsh Electrical Services
    PowerSuite should work with Windows 10 no problem. Might be some incompatibility in your precise setup I guess?
  3. Jim_e_Jib

    Jim_e_Jib Regular EF Member

    Windows 10 has a feature where you can run software in compatibility mode - it runs the software and simulates the older version of Windows required. From memory, right click on the .exe file, select properties 'run compatibility troubleshooter'. It worked for me running some Sony manuals from disc that were made for a much earlier version of Windows.

    I'd be surprised though if something designed for Windows 7 didn't work fine with 10 straight away.
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