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Discuss Megger MFT1741 Multifunction Tester *NEW* in the Electrical Tools and Products area at

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  1. Test-Meter

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    Hi guys, I thought I'd give you all an industry heads-up on a new Megger MFT which is due to land at the end of this month. You'll be able to read further information when this product becomes live on our site later today.

    To quickly summarise, the Megger MFT1741 is a new addition to their range. The majority of its specification is the same as the MFT1731, however the loop test functionality has been re-engineered and patented to feature the following:

    1) Fast, repeatable 3-wire no–trip loop test results on normal circuits

    2) 3-wire loop test results from noisy circuits that are repeatable and in which you can have confidence.

    3) Built–in confidence meter that indicates the reliance you can place on your loop measurement

    4) Results unaffected by RCD or RCBO impedance

    The new technology means that this model will be the fastest low-current, anti-trip loop tester on the market, capable of producing results that are unaffected by electrical noise caused by RCDs.

    As an ex-spark myself, I quite like the idea of ‘confidence’ meter that allows you to assess a result for stability before recording it.

    Megger’s RRP will be £1515+VAT for this model, we will be selling it to Joe Public for £875+VAT.

    Orders placed with us by forum members will pay £830+VAT until the end of the month, where we will ship orders using an overnight carrier at no extra charge as soon as stock arrives.

    If anybody is interested, please enter the code ‘1741EF’ at the checkout on our website (this will be available to order online later today), or quote the same code over the phone or by email to us on [email protected]

    Thanks and have a good weekend all.
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