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  1. vjsmarwick

    vjsmarwick Regular EF Member

    Island dweller lol
    Hi just wondering if many of you out there are noticing problems with some of your MK fittings now ? For a good few months or maybe even a year I have been noticing especially with the 20A flex connectors that, quite often one of the screws doesn’t want to tighten as if it’s cross threaded ! Sometimes correctable sometimes not ! Load N seems to be the worst if I remember correctly. Any problems guys ?
  2. suffolkspark

    suffolkspark Electrician's Arms

    Was talking about this in denmans last week, apparantly now mk are their most returned wiring accessory
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  3. Dustydazzler

    Dustydazzler Regular EF Member

    I used to be exclusively an MK man

    But more recently have switched over to Ultimate
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  4. anthonybragg

    anthonybragg Electrician's Arms

    Business Name:
    We use it all the time nothing but. Only had a few of load side terminals not tightening up on switched fused spurs white and M/Clad about a year ago but that's about it.
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