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Discuss Modecsoft ElectricalOM 18th Edition - 18% discount! in the Electrical Tools and Products area at

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    MODECSOFT Electrical Design Software Sponsor

    Happy New Year to you all! The 18th Edition is now officially in force.

    Our ElectricalOM Software is 18th Edition ready and we are offering all software licenses and add-ons with 18% discount until the end of January!

    Promo code: 18THEDITION The offer is valid until 31/01/2019
    You can buy now from here: ElectricalOM - Electrical Design And Circuit Calculation Software -

    With ElectricalOM Software you will get:

    > Powerful Electrical Design and Cable sizing calculations as per 18th Edition

    > Automated Schematic diagrams

    > Selectivity (Discrimination) study and analysis

    > Reports such as Cable sizing calculations, circuits & cables schedules, voltage drop analysis, single line diagrams and many more...!

    Optional add-ons:

    UK Forms: We have incorporated Schematics and Certification in to a single solution that enables you to fill in design details from the schematic model
    > Compliant with the 18th Edition
    > No need for a separate certification software
    > Produce Certificates such as EIC, EICR, MW and many more
    > Fill in Observations and Limitations quickly and easily
    > Enables you to store Clients, Engineers and Test Instruments
    > Fill in information Automatically or Manually
    ....are just of the new features available

    CAD Plan design: Automate the Electrical Design process by creating Electrical Plan Drawings whilst collecting information of the circuit calculations, such as cable length and installation points per circuit.

    User-extendable symbol library incorporating 3D elevation properties that enable the designer to accurately position each symbol and wiring into the plan drawing.

    Compatible with AutoCADĀ® dwg and pdf formats.


    Use only one software for all your electrical design and certification needs! With ElectricalOM you will not need to use separate software packages for designing, calculating, drawing electrical plan drawings and issuing certificates for your projects.

    All these features are included in the software and are saved in a single ElectricalOM project file eliminating the need for maintaining multiple software and complex database server arrangements. Run your projects locally on your machines and have control all over your data.

    For more information please contact us: ElectricalOM - Electrical Design And Circuit Calculation Software -

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