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  1. acvc

    acvc Electrician's Arms

    Morning guys.

    Can anyone clarify this for me?


    From this schematic, is it asking me to:

    1. put in a link between L and L at the incoming side, and

    2. put in a link between L and A (to feed the SL out) on the outgoing side?

    Or is it just showing me the internal volt-free switching between L and A, and no links are required?

    I'm only getting the heating to fire up when I bypass the switching at the receiver, i.e. put a link in between the incoming L and B (which then goes to the valve etc.). It's just not firing up when the programmer calls for it. HW is fine.

    Many Thanks (again).
  2. snowhead

    snowhead Respected Member

    L - L should already be there as it's shown within the outline of the Relay box. It may be removable if required.
    Yes A B C are volt free unless you fit the L - A link, if required.
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  3. acvc

    acvc Electrician's Arms

    Thanks snowhead.

    I put the link in and it's all good . I was very worried about introducing 230V where it wasnt welcome.

    Thanks for your help.
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