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  1. antony73993

    antony73993 EF Member

    Hi All,

    Can anyone recommend a website that provides job leads I have used rated people and myworkman but I never get a response from the customer and often if we call them the numbers don't work. I don't mind spending the money even if we don't get the job I just want the opportunity to submit a quote to the customer. All the sites I have used seem to be a bit of a con has anyone else experienced this or have I just been unlike thus far

    Thanks in advance for your comments
  2. philip962

    philip962 Guest

    They are a con steer clear fake numbers or fake jobs then they give you a refund which is a fake job or fake number letter drop is better and more usefull
  3. BluSparx

    BluSparx Guest

    How much is CheckaTrade - just checked and their are no sparkies covering my area, thinking of getting in there first
  4. Dan

    Dan I'm not a sparky but I know a couple ;-) Staff Member Admin

  5. simonatlondon

    simonatlondon Guest

    I have tried rated people recently as an introductory offer of a tenner for 1st quarter as opposed to £40. fake number and these are the type of people whom want a cheap deal. Not my cup of tea. I understand from the customers point of view for getting a truseted tradesman in, as we do have bad reps due to the cowboys, but sites like these don't provide a representation of any true quality of a mans quality in the work place. The best advertising is my own work and word of mouth. Not paying for a bloody lead again. a big 2 up to you rated people.
  6. telectrix

    telectrix Scouser and Proud of It Respected Member

    Top Poster Of Month

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    i,ve had good and bad from rated people. on thew whole, it's a decent source of work, but you have to be selective on which leads you buy. e.g. one lead i was offered was for a pir and fire alarm inspection, client's budget was under £100. no way, jose. on the other hand i got a CU change for £450.

    SDELEC Guest

    for more feedback on rated people check out moneysaving Theres some very unhappy tradesmans opinions on there!!
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