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  1. Aaronj46

    Aaronj46 Regular EF Member

    South derbyshire
    Had a call to say the hob socket isn't powering up and the customer has said a lamp wont work in the socket and as the fridge works I'm going to punt at buying a grid switch before I go, if only I knew the brand?

    I thought mem spectra but they are straight ant etching is different on the ones I have seen.

    View attachment Grid part.jpg
  2. haptism

    haptism Regular EF Member

    SW. London
    That looks like the Click Minigrid range
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  3. Electrical2go

    Electrical2go Sponsor

    Business Name:

    That definitely looks like Click Minigrid.


    You could match it up with a new Fridge Freezer mod as well so it looks in keeping.


    Kind regards,
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