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Discuss Need Urgently Sanyo Connectors oxford/luton area in the Solar PV Forum area at

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    links dont seem to be working for me.... but can you not just cut the cable and use mc4 connectors or something else you can get your hand on ? I had a job yesturday using REC panels and the connectors need some weird crimp as far as I could tell so I just cut the ends off the bits that connect to the invertor and replaced with mc4 connectors... just an idea but as I cant see the picures from the links I might be picking up the wrong end of the stick
  3. SibertSolar

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    They look like Segen links/part codes to me. Hope you manage to find some, we're all out ourselves to be honest so can't help I'm afraid. Cutting connectors off and replacing with MC4's yourself is something that I'm sure others have done in times of need but there's always the concern about invalidating the module manufacturer's warranty. We'll have some MC3/MC4 adaptor cables (100mm long) in stock by the end of next week.

    I believe the REC panels use Huber & Suhner (H&S) junction boxes and connectors. These are quite unique in their design and I'm not aware of any "equivalents" out there in the market.
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