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Domestic new lad

Discussion in 'Electrical Forum' started by yrnetn, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. yrnetn

    yrnetn Guest

    Hi new to all this, just setting up and spennding a fortune doing it but not able to do the job without the correct tools eh. Just on this looked at getting a wander lead and got a shock " pardon the pun" at the price however spotted one on ebay for half the price of others. got one and its spot on. just thought i would let you all know.
  2. RWJ

    RWJ 8,400+ day wonder Electrician's Arms

    East Anglia

    :welcome: to the forum
  3. RISElectrical

    RISElectrical Guest

    Cheaper to get a 30m extension reel from B&Q and just use 1 of the cores!

    Obviously this is a joke, i always use 1.5mm T+E and a connector block haha
  4. telectrix

    telectrix Scouser and Proud of It Respected Member

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    well done, mate. lot of good stuff on ebay but beware that some things like testers may be nicked. always a good idea to get the serial number from the seller so you can check with fluke, megger etc.
  5. p11jor

    p11jor Guest

    Had a call out to a job last Monday afternoon, 97year old lady lucky to be alive, a 4way extension socket her great granddaughter bought her from eBay, it was burnt to a crisp, it also weighed nominee than a bag a crisps it was that cheaply made! So beware of the eBay on some stuff!!......says me who bought his test kit from there :s
  6. yrnetn

    yrnetn Guest

    Yeh I know what you mean Got muti tester etc from main dealer but this wander lead does just what it says, I was going to make one myself but it would prob cost the same, this one looks well built and uses trirated cable.
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