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Discuss New pendant light fittings with Led bulbs blowing MCB and RCD after 30 mins/hour in the Lighting Forum area at

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  1. Michael

    Michael New EF Member

    Ok, so I have replaced the two ceiling roses in the lounge with two pendant light fittings with 4W Led Calex bulbs

    One fitting has two sets of twin and earth connected, the other has just one set of twin and earth (I assume this is a slave from the other fitting)

    I had the lights on for about half an hour today and the MCB for the downstairs lighting and the RCD tripped,the bulbs were fine.

    I assumed the cause of this was a loose wire as I struggled to fit the two live/neutral/earth's into the one connector on the fitting with two sets of twin and earth.

    I opened the fitting and sure enough one of the wires pulled out by hand. I decided to go out and get some wago 3 way connectors to get around this problem of struggling to get two wires into one hole. Fitted them fine, everything is tight, but after about an hour this time the MCB and RCD tripped again.

    Any idea what could be causing this?

    Could it be the bulbs? They are filament bulbs with the filament being a coil shape, I was thinking maybe it could be EMF tripping the circuit?

    The lights worked fine before changing the fittings.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thankyou.
  2. Michael

    Michael New EF Member

    Also, they are both turned on from one light switch
  3. Murdoch

    Murdoch Regular EF Member

    Time to get your wallet out me thinks .........
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  4. Matthewd29

    Matthewd29 Regular EF Member

    It could be as simple as the the screw you have used to screw it up has nicked the cable
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