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  1. SpecialistEnergy

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    Specialist Energy
    Hello, I can see this forum is not very well attended - understandably in the UK given our woeful tariff scheme! Just thought I would post that I have joined these forums recently and I have 15 years worth of experience in solar thermal so if anyone has any Qs they haven't asked because of the lack of traffic here I may be able to help...

  2. westward10

    westward10 In echoed steps I walk across an empty dream. Electrician's Arms

    Welcome Ben.
  3. PEG

    PEG Trusted Advisor

    Hi dude,and welcome,
    It is that "woeful tariff" scheme,and it's badly surveyed,hastily and badly installed many systems,which the rest of us will be paying for ever...and the reason why many homeowners,will never bother again.

    Personally,i have been designing and building such systems,including things like rain-water harvesting,since i was a teenager,and find it infuriating that those in charge,had a beneficial inoculation,at their disposal,and chose to inject it in both eyes of the people choosing it...still...Welcome :p
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