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  1. orrell electrics

    orrell electrics New EF Member

    Business Name:
    Orrell Electrics Ltd
    Just completed my first 18th edition certificate online

    Took me about an hour to work my way through the new overly complicated forms

    Lo and behold half of the fields are blank and none of the test results/circuit details have saved and are blank

    Why the **** are they continually trying to reinvent the wheel

    The old 17th edition certs took about 10 mins and were relatively straight forward

    Its like when they removed the fire alarm periodic reports

    Just banging your head against a wall constantly with them

    British Leyland 1970's = NICEIC

    Maybe its easier just to forget testing now as the goalposts are moved monthly
  2. buzzlightyear

    buzzlightyear please let me back in to the prison cell. Electrician's Arms

    star command
    Why are you going on line ,just go and get a down load from easy cert .
    It will be much better for you .
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  3. telectrix

    telectrix Scouser and Proud of It Respected Member

    Top Poster Of Month

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    if i can't fit it on a beermat, sod it.
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  4. Flanders

    Flanders Regular EF Member

    Agree with Buzz although the easy cert has changed to, so it references the 18th changes, there is nearly another page of tick boxes now just seems over the top compared with the model cert in the BBB also there are extra boxes on circuit details for AFFDs and insulation resistance test voltage.
  5. buzzlightyear

    buzzlightyear please let me back in to the prison cell. Electrician's Arms

    star command
    most of the new test certs is like NASA check list for the Apollo rockets .
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  6. Strima

    Strima Electrician's Arms

    St Neots
    Trying to sort out the Clik software now, that's even worse...
  7. Murdoch

    Murdoch Regular EF Member

    I've seen a few EIC's recently, issued within the last 2 years , using the "pre check list" forms

    What a hopeless situation................
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