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  1. bobby101

    bobby101 Guest

    hi all just wanted to know if anybody knows or has copies of niceic dvds for periodic testing plus related, i think there is a set of dvds for the 17th edition but im guessing they will be extremly expensive pm me if you have youre own set. thanks in advance...
  2. NMc

    NMc Electrician's Arms

    Hi bobby 101

    NICEIC have just amended all the discs to included the 1st amendment and cost on average about £18 each from them. the old ones (copies of them )are still available on ebay last time I looked for around £25

    The new full set of 9 will set yuo back about £180
  3. sparkytel

    sparkytel Guest

    Hi Bobby, yes DVDs have been updated so the one on Periodic is now called "Electrical Installation Condition Reports and Testing". As before these were made with the guys at Navigator Productions who run, so these videos are all available as part of their online subscription. DVDs can only be purchased direct from the NICEIC.
    Hope this helps.
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