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Discuss NICEIC legal advice? Anyone Know? in the Electrical Forum area at

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  1. acvc

    acvc Electrician's Arms

    Does anyone know if I'm entitled to any legal advice/support from NICEIC?

    I finished a rewire+c/u change of 3-bed terraced house just before xmas. Because there was a 7 month pregnant lady in the house allthe time, I did it all while keeping the existing installation going, cleaned and tidied end of every day, made safe end of every day, arranged a standby spark while I went away for a week, generally busted a gut to minimise inconvenience and danger during the whole thing.

    And guess what? The husband is now accusing me of taking far too long, trying to fleece them, refusing to pay the full amount of £2200, and refusing to pay anything at all until the Cert of Compliance has been recieved - which could take another month or so.

    My mistake: I didn't give - and wasn't asked to provide - a full quote at the start. The work began from me finding an interconnected ring, and then no earthing on lighting circuits, and then quicker to rewire than investigate and repair. The husband is only prepared to pay an interim assessment mad part way through the job, of £1600 total.

    Any advice guys? Or can NICEIC assist here?
  2. JASON

    JASON Electrician's Arms

    Button Pressing
    You could have a word with the NIC and maybe they would call the client to confirm you are registered.

    But, i doubt very much they will get involved with payment issues.
  3. sparks1234

    sparks1234 Electrician's Arms

    Business Name:

    Now thats where its good to belong to the ECA
  4. marksparky

    marksparky Regular EF Member

    northern ireland
    hi guys just out of curiousity wat would the eca do for u in a situation like this?
  5. Eggster71

    Eggster71 Electrician's Arms

    Take your fuse box back and smash all YOUR sockets in with a bloddy big hammer!
  6. shagg

    shagg Guest

    Well said that man, Just Lock the main switch off lol :D
  7. not clever

    not clever Electrician's Arms

    Well you dont have a leg to stand on legally do you..................always supply a written quote, doesnt matter what the customer says if it's in black & white !!

    Do the certs notify the work & send an invoice with a pay by date. If no payment is forth comming send reminder by registered mail, with accompanying letter informing that if payment is not received by XXXX date the debt will be put into the hands of your legal debt recovery agent (there are loads that do recovery for a small fee).

    As for the NICEIC dont hold your breath, if the customer isnt complaining about the standard of work or a dangerous installation they'll not be interested. Make sure you issue the certs to the customer, NICEIC frown upon contractors with holding certs untill payment is received.

    Failing all that swipe the cutout fuse late one sunday night.
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