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  1. SparkdogMillionaire

    SparkdogMillionaire EF Member

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice, been chatting with a mate who wants to go offshore (he's mechanical) and have been looking into myself now also.

    Can anyone recommend a pathway and any suitable qualifications that I should be considering doing (except for survival training) ? Looking to work towards this possibly over the next 5 years.

    As well as the industry standard electrical qualifications are small bolt-on quals like abrasive wheel tickets things that can be worth having and look good on a CV?

    Any advice appreciated, cheers
  2. Ali-C-123

    Ali-C-123 Active EF Member

    I imagine a CompEx qual is essential. I’m told it’s quite a toughie. Especially the practical unless you’re used to the types of gas tight glands they use.
  3. snowhead

    snowhead Respected Member

    I'd contact Offshore recruiters to see what they're looking for now or in the future.
    Things change all the time, relevant experience for now may not be any good in 5 years.
    You may need onshore experience in a particular field, it'd be a shame to spend 5 years getting quals, only for them to say if only you'd done xxx or whatever.
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  4. timbobelfast

    timbobelfast Electrician's Arms

    I wouldn't bother, you can make more onshore at the minute. Keep your money under the matters until the next war kicks off and oil prices peak again.
  5. telectrix

    telectrix Scouser and Proud of It Respected Member

    Business Name:
    and buy a decent set of waders.
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  6. bomjac

    bomjac Regular EF Member

    Middle East
    Going to cost your Mechy mate around £1k just for his survival and MIST. You will need another £800 or so on top of that for Compex. Without CompEx -forget it as a spark. You may get lucky, but you will need to be very, very lucky to get a pull in without it. Medical probably another £100.

    Compex is not difficult - provided you work at it and use the time outside of the course to study what they give you.

    Oh did I forget to mention accommodation on top if that? Add another bucket load of cash to it. 2 weeks dogs for you, 1 for your mate. You can cut the digs aspect by choosing a University town out of term time and taking student accommodation.

    I don't know the rates exactly now, but the guys on the Culzean at present are getting less money now than companies were paying 10 years ago. Rotations ate often 3 on, 3 off also these days vs the 2 / 2 that was the norm for contractors.

    The long and the short - the money is ok, but not as ok as it should be for the loss of your sovial and family life. You need to spend around £2k to get a foot in the door, and even then it's not guarenteed.

    You are going to be 'green' for at least a year, so many companies will be reluctant to take you on as a new start. Times of year - Xmas and new year can be good for a start, as people phone in sick for that trip. Then it's quiet till april/may and will stay busy up till around October when it dies down again.

    If you can afford the £2k, go for it - just be aware that it may be difficult to get a start at first. At least you have email now, rather than sending faxes ! Last squad I was in were 24 guys, almost 50% green hats - just depends on the roject and how busy things are.

    You could however try the drilling companies. If things are picking up they will take you on as a trainee rig spark. Tough job, but it us an option.

    Experience - heavy industry, petrochem etc will help. Again, you may face the Compex barrier for petrochem.
  7. jackso

    jackso EF Member

    You are correct. A CompEx qualification is required for offshore but also very useful to secure employment in many industries. Chemicals, Oil refinery, Water boards, Biomass. The 5 day course is very intensive, I would recommend the 2 day, CompEx Foundation Course which provides all of the working in potentially hazardous areas theory. Then progress to the 5 day course at a later date. There are Compex training centres in many locations, throughout the UK.
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