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  1. Lee Vivash

    Lee Vivash Guest

    I am working for a company that has loads of bus bar running around the factory. They have asked me to supply some new bus bar tap off boxes ,but I am unable to find anything to fit. The bus bar is English Electric CO.LTD. It looks like it was fitted in the 60's or 70's. Does anyone have any suggestions please?
  2. supasparxs

    supasparxs Electrician's Arms

    Leigh, Lancashire
    I think your going to struggle with that one.
    have you asked them what sort of budget they have in mid per tap-off box?
    do they have a spare, or somewhere where you maybe able locate two tap-off boxes adjacent to eac hother, so you maybe able to remove one, and the other could supply a local Distribution board to supply the two circuits.
    once you have a Tap-off box you maybe able get one made

    good luck
  3. Knobhead

    Knobhead Guest

    Give me a couple of days to make phone calls, but i know where there is a load of it stock piled. All brand new. You will have to take the lot though. There was 3 or 4 lengths of bus bar and at least 1/2 a dozen tap offs, all in the cardboard boxes.
  4. stef

    stef Electrician's Arms

    Try Underwood in Uxbridge if they sill exist ...
  5. hallco

    hallco Guest

    I have recently moved out of an old building and we had these bus bars running throughout. Although the system itself still remains in the old building, i do still have all the fuse carriers which i no longer need. I was just about to put them on e-bay when i found this thread by accident. If you are still looking, respond to this message and i can pm you my details, based in Yorkshire. Thanks
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